Hats to love.  Not just to wear.


Jenny Red hats are made from pure new wool and felted to be both stylish and warm.  

Someone once said "when you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul".    

Sounds appealing ....... possibly over optimistic but you never know!



  • Teal

    Cool teal/turquoise version with the flower detail at the back.

  • Olive green

    Flower detail as a brooch pin shown here at the side of the hat - changes the look to retro so you have all options, flower detail where you want it or wear as a brooch.

Hi, I'm Jenny and I make hats and bags here in Dorset.  When I can I trade in makers' markets - it's great to meet people and learn from comments as well as being part of a market community.  At the moment this has moved to the virtual but hey, better than nothing. 

I make smaller accessories as well, some pics are on the More Stuff page.  These range from felted brooches to fabric purses, zip pulls to greeting cards.  I can send more info on anything which appeals to you.

Please ask any questions you like.  Just message me via the contacts page in this website and I will reply as soon as poss.    Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy checking out my stuff.  I look forward to seeing you again in person soon.

Best w.