Which style?


This Jenny Red hat is in the style of a cloche with a felted flower detail at the side.  It has an upturned brim which sweeps around to be narrower at the nape of the neck.   I have named the style for Carla Malcomb who has kindly given me permission to use her pattern.   Thanks Carla.   


This style of hat is ideally worn just over the tops of your ears but you can wear it pulled further down if you prefer (especially if its a very cold day ...)  The neat thing about this hat style is that you can squash, squish and generally scrunch it up (when dry!) and it will spring back into shape thanks to the pure new wool fibre. 


A hat makes a super present - to yourself or a friend.  There is something about a hat, woolly or otherwise.  "Saying you don't look good in a hat is like saying you don't look good in shoes".  Not sure who said that but it's thought provoking ...


And Gigi is the hat with the felted flower detail at the back which you can also wear on the side if you prefer.  This is my own take on the classic vintage look - the flower detail is in the form of a brooch so you can pin it where you like on the hat or leave it off altogether.  

If you don't keep it for yourself, a handmade hat has special appeal as a gift because it's that little bit different for autumn to spring - or longer depending where you live!



And this style is more like a cossack type of hat where the contrast brim is turned up to an equal height all round. No flower detail. Makes a comfy warm hat with a bit of dash ...  The one shown is in colours blue/black with a teal contrast brim.    🙂

Which size?


I make these hats in three sizes:  55.5 cm, 56.5 cm and 57.5 cm.  The average UK hat size for a woman is approximately 56.5 cm but because wool felt is a friendly sort of fabric you don't need to get the size absolutely exact.


How to decide on your hat size:  Place a string or flexible tape measure right around your head just above your ears and across your forehead.  Hold it firmly but not too tight.  This will give you the measurement.  If your head measurement is not exact to one of my sizes, don't worry about it, everyone is individual, just choose the next larger size.  


Care instructions


Wool doesn't mind a shower of  rain (just ask a sheep) - but make sure you dry your hat in an airy place in the original shape.  Don't get it completely wet if you can help it or you may need to dry on a head shaped shape to keep the same size and look.  If you get a mark on your hat, sponge it clean without immersing the whole thing in water.